What's a Pugataur?
Welcome to the World of Pugataur!
There's a place in our collective consciousness where all the strange ideas dwell.  The tail end of dreams that have you wondering what you ate the night before, the flights of fancy that let you know it's time to take a vacation.  This corner of the cerebralscape is where Pugataur lives.  A little (fat) pug with big dreams and an even bigger heart.  So come gather 'round and listen to his stories.  You might laugh, you might cry, but whatever happens, you'll have a good time.
Pugataur's "Friends"
Pugataur's oldest "living" friend...
"Cabbit" His Mom is a cat, his Dad is a Rabbit. That makes him a Cabbit, Cabbit.
Meatball the "Hamster"
Coming Eventually!!!
Pugataur's Next Storytime Installment
Stay Tuned For: