The Creators
April & Jack
18 years ago a chance meeting resulted in a Beautiful Friendship and Fairytale Partnership. In Dec 2000 we made the best decision of our lives and got married. We love creating art, writing comedies and have written and illustrated several children's books together. A family member gave us some animation software for Christmas and we decided to start bringing all our silly ideas to life. 

April & Jack

Princess Troglodite

Princess is a 2yr old "Frug" Pug and French Bulldog Mix . Her previous family left her outside where she became flea bitten and miserable. We adopted her and she has adjusted to indoor life beautifully. We are so proud of her progress. She loves to run like crazy when we take her outside so we have to watch her closely so she doesn't get lost. Her favorite things are to chase and run after her stuffies, chew on her chewies, irritate her sister Disney and snore contentedly next to us. 


Cabbit Patch

Disney is a 7 year old Beagle mix we adopted from the Humane society. She was waiting for a family for a long time and when met her it was love at first sight. She is very smart and loves to sniff around underneath our kitchen table to see if the kids have dropped anything tasty. She loves to masacre tennis balls and chew bacon flavored raw hides. She also loves to steal Princess's chews and toys while she isn't looking. She is wonderfully patient and caring and likes to burrow underneath our covers to sleep.
Cabbit is 4 year old Manx stray that came to us malnourished and covered in fleas. He recovered and quickly became part of our family. He hops like a rabbit when he runs and his body is very rabbit shaped complete with the fluffy tail. We started to make jokes that he was half rabbit and made up songs about it. He gets very angry if you touch his tail but loves to be picked up and cuddled like a baby. He will purr in your lap for hours. He doesn't like dogs but thankfully our dogs are very patient and give him his space. His number one things to do is eat and sit in his favorite chair surveilling his domain (pictured).

Franklin Bean

Bean came to us as a bottle fed foster kitten that turned forever pet. He constantly has to tell us he loves us with sandpaper tougue kisses and happy head bumps. He loves to run and pounce on all the other house residents, look outside the window from his cat tree and carry around anything with catnip in it.  We always look forward to his late night snuggles.


Elsa came to us as a kitten barely clinging to life with a badly broken leg. We took her in and her leg healed the best way it could. Because of her very rough beginning she doesn't trust most people or other animals at all. She has only mangaged to befriend Cabbit but hisses and hides from all our other pets. She hates to be confined indoors even though we would prefer for her to stay there. She comes and goes as she pleases and we still love her very much. She loves to rub up against us and purrs when we give her chin scratches. Because she is snow white and we found her on a bitter cold winter night we named her Elsa. 
Q: How is it you are able to upload so frequently?
A: We work hard to release an episode every week even though our lives outside our channel are very busy. There are 2 of us so that makes it easier than an artist working alone. Most 1-2 minute animations takes days or weeks to complete for one animator. We both work on art and animation and even our 13 year old Daughter helps with some background art.

Q: Why is Hula Pugataur 25 min long?
A: A lot of animators release a video of a character dancing for an hour or hours.
See example here: Hula pugataur was kind of a spoof on this. However our animation is different because instead of the same exact scene we have a lot of things going on in the background. Flying frogs, rabbit turtles, fish robots, a Captain NEmouse.... This episode actually took us approximately a week to finish. The only other episode that has taken us longer is Scraggle Princess.

Q: When is Pugataur's Next Story Time coming out?
A: This takes an enormous amount of time for us. Scraggle Princess is the first video we officially released and it took us 2 months working on all our available free time to finish. Now we a have to focus on weekly uploads as well so it is taking more time. Our next story time installment plan is "Potty Dragon". The stories we use are actually ones we wrote and illustrated together years ago. The original art we have is (massively) filled with creatures of all kinds that we are trying to animate. Our books are not currently for sale. We are just happy to animate our stories so you can watch and enjoy them whenever you'd like. If you are an Author and would like for us to collaborate and animate a story of yours we are willing to talk about that. Might be faster that way. ^-^

Q: Who Voices Pugataur?
A: That would be April. She reluctantly agreed to be his voice even though she thought he deserved more of a masculine voice. Pugataur is a small innocent little pug so her voice ended up being the best for the job.  Most people seem to like it.

Q: Why is Meatball named "Meatball"?
A: As you can gather from our episodes Pugataur's favorite food in the world is Meatballs. Pugatuar found Meatball the rat in a trash can and mistakenly assumed he was a cuddly Hamster. Naturally Pugataur wanted to name his new found "friend" and pet after his favorite thing in the entire world. If we missed any questions please let us know. And always thanks for watching! ^-^

Q: Why don't you lip sync your characters?
A: It saves alot of time not to. We figure if it is good enough for the anime it's good enough for Pugataur. 

Our Current Foster Animals

Basil is a 4 month old darling kitten with super silky black fur and amber colored eyes. He is content to just lay beside his family for hours and doesn't object to cuddles and kisses at all. He also LOVES to sleep on your lap and seems very attached and comforatable around people.
He is the sweetest little boy and has been a joy to foster.

Harlold is a 4 month old Cabbit looking for a forever home. He is a rumpy Manx meaning he has just a little rump for a tail. Harold ADORES all affection including belly rubs. He will roll over on his back specifically so you can rub his little Cabbit belly while he purrs happily. He is silly and adorable and would be a wonderful part of any family! 

Contact your Local Humane Society or Rescue today. 

Want to be a Foster Parent?
You should! The Humane Society completely covers all cost of food, flea  control and vet care. All you need to supply is the love and the space. It helps saves lives and is very rewarding. Please contact your local Humane Society and sign up to become a Foster Parent today. Even fostering one animal helps tremendously.

Fostering Doesn't Cost Money. The Humane Society funds all the cost.