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A sweet and somewhat naive Pug with a food addiction and a huge heart. 
He loves sharing his "wisdom" with others through videos, stories and songs. 
An ill tempered little rodent Pugataur found in a trash can and named after his favorite food.  
Cabbit Patch
His Mom's a cat and his Dad's a Rabbit. That makes him a Cabbit Cabbit. 
Pugataur is convinced Cabbit is a Cat-Rabbit even though Cabbit Disagrees. Despite his impressive size he sounds as though he has swallowed a chipmonk. 

Week Two: Stacie H. Congrats!! You won a Pewter Pug Necklace!
Week Three: Linda Congrats!! You won a copy of Puddle Pug
Week Four: FishBiceps Congrats!! You won Shades for dogs!
Week Five: FishBiceps Congrats!! You won These Earrings!
Week six: Cathrine R. Congrats!! You won A Doug The Pug Plush!
Week Seven:  Canadian Product Reviews​ Congrats!! You won An Amazon Gift Card!