Pugataur YouTube Videos!
Pugataur Story Time - Scraggle Princess

​   This is the first installment of Story Time with Pugataur.  Our favorite Puggy star reads the classic bedtime story you've never heard before and we learn a valuable lesson!
Coming Soon
Pugataur Meditation

​   Pugataur teaches the zenful art of meditation!

​   Pugataur introduces his best friend Meatball and teaches him the alphabet in song!
Happy Birthday!

​   Pugataur sings Happy Birthday to you on your special day!
Planting Tomatoes with Pugataur!

​   Pugataur teaches Meatball the art of gardening!
Pugataur Explains What a Cabbit Is...

​   Pugataur explains to Meatball what a Cabbit is...
Pugataur Psychoanalyzes "The Cabbit"!

​   Pugataur sits the Cabbit down for a therapy session.
Meatball's Nightmare!

​   Meatball's dream quickly descends into nightmare.
The Boo Boo Troll!

​   Pugataur encounters a Boo Boo Troll while trying to explain Meatballaholism to his Hamster in the yard....
Paranormal Pugataur!

​   Pugataur tries to capture video footage of ghostly activity with his hidden camera.
Happy Mother's Day from Pugataur!

​   Special Mother's Day song!
Pugataur and Mandela Effects!

​   Pugataur learns about Mandela Effects from Angry Penguin.
Pugataur Answers Emails!

​   Pugataur answers emails from all his fans...and Inhumane Man.
Pugataur Hula Dance!

​   Pugataur Dances the Hula to entertain his fans!  The Dance must go on no matter what!
Pugataur in Robintaur!

​  Robintaur and Meatballman go on a journey to the castle of Meatballahollingham!
If you've got any questions, please send them to Pugataur.  Pugataur will turn them into a YouTube Video!